News: US, Spain, France among top 10 global tourism earners in 2018


The United States of America is leading in the pack in global top 10 tourism earning countries in 2018 with 215 billion dollars raked in from the industry.

The US received a total of 89 million tourist arrivals topping countries like Spain and France with earnings of $74 billion and $67 billion, and 83 million and 80 million tourist arrivals respectively.

Thailand earned $63 billion with a total of 38 million tourist arrivals in 2018 while the United Kingdom with the least tourist arrivals of 36 million raked in $52 billion in the same year.


Italy received a total of 62 million tourists with earnings of $49 billion in 2018 while Australia, Germany, Japan earned $45billion, $43billion and $41 billion in the same year.

Turkey and Mexico featured among the top 10 tourist arrivals with 46 million and 41 million in 2018.

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