News:Malawi removes nationals from South Africa with buses over Xenophobia


The Malawian Government announced on Wednesday that it had hired two buses to repatriate nationals, who were displaced, following xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa. The buses left Johannesburg on Tuesday evening and the repatriated Malawians would be back home on Thursday, Secretary for the Department of Disaster Management Affairs, Wilson Moleni, said in a statement. Moleni said the […]

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Africa: A tourism outlook on the looting of shops and xenophobia

xenophobic , xenophobia

The looting of shops and the shutdown of several central business districts in several South African cities has unleashed violence and the destruction of property. The normal functioning of several cities has been disturbed by these acts, as public transportation was disturbed and this had a negative impact on employee attendance, destroying value for the public and private sector. The […]

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Xenophobia: Air Tanzania suspends Flights to Johannesburg due to Violence

Tanzania airlines south Xenophobia

Tanzania’s national carrier suspended flights from Dar es Salaam to Johannesburg, citing ongoing violence as a risk to passengers. “You are aware there is ongoing violence in South Africa where the youth have taken laws in their hands,” Tanzania’s Transport Minister Isack Kamwelwe told journalists in Dar es Salaam. “Due to that, we decided not to transport passengers to the […]

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Xenophobia: Why can’t South Africans love Nigerians in return?

Despite Nigeria’s huge sacrifice in ending apartheid in South Africa, its citizens have continued to be targets of xenophobic attacks by South Africans. Martins Ifijeh writes. “I remember our primary school days in the 70s when we skipped lunch because government was putting all the monies together as our contribution towards ending apartheid in far away South Africa. We were […]

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Apartheid struggle: Govt to educate citizens about Nigeria’s role

Govt to educate citizens about Nigeria’s role South Africa will re-introduce history in its academic curriculum to enlighten its citizens about Nigeria’s role in the fight against apartheid rule, the country’s official has said. South African Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Lulu Aaron- Mnguni said in Abuja on Monday that the importance of relationship between the two countries could not be […]

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Africa: East and West Africans want Borderless Africa but North Africans don’t- Study

East and West Africans want Borderless Africa but North Africans don’t- Study If Africa’s 1.26 billion people share a dream, beyond peace and progress on the continent, it would be the ability to move freely across its borders. The one thing a refugee traveling by foot might share with rich businessman flying first class is that both are likely to […]

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Africa: Why FG should strongly protest against the killing of a Nigerian businessman in South Africa

The Nigerian government needs to show strong disapproval of the latest extrajudicial killing of its citizen in South Africa, writes Vincent Obia. For the past week, the story about the tragic fate of a Nigerian businessman at the hands of some South Africans has dominated reports coming out from that country. Ikejiaku Chinedu, 35, was, allegedly, beaten to death on […]

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Xenophobia took its toll on South Africa tourism in 2015

By Travel Editor  Cape Town – Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) saw a 14.4% increase in African air arrivals, and a 5,6% growth in overseas arrivals during 2015, despite the overall tourism numbers for South Africa in 2015 dropping a whopping 6.8%. According to SA verification service Grant Thornton, South Africa experienced its biggest loss of tourism from African tourists in […]

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South Africa braces for Economic Backlash from Xenophobic attacks

A WAVE of xenophobic attacks in South Africa could provoke reprisals from neighbouring countries, raising concerns among South African business leaders and officials that the violence against foreigners could further damage the weak economy. Calls for a boycott of South African products have multiplied amid anger in Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and elsewhere on the continent over their citizens being attacked […]

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