News: After US Visa ban Sweden rejects Nigerian Travellers too


Tougher times await Nigerians seeking to travel to Sweden following the caveat placed on the issuance of visa to it citizens. According to a rejection letter sighted by Atqnews, the Swedish embassy in Nigeria averred that the uncertain security situation in the country and the ongoing economic crisis may force its citizens to over stay their visas in Sweden. The […]

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Ghana Missing In Best Countries Ranking

Ghana is missing in the maiden best countries ranking released over the weekend in the United States. The highest ranked country in Africa is South Africa, in 31st position, followed by Morocco in 35th, Egypt in 39th, Tunisia in 47th, Nigeria in 57th and Algeria rounding off the ranking at 60th position. Ghana cannot even be found in the best […]

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Legalised prostitution in Sweden and Netherlands. How it works

by Evie Embrechts Recent years have seen renewed debate about prostitution in European countries. Both the Swedish and the Dutch models have been in effect for over 10 years and a lot of research has been done on the various implementations. What are the opinions and results? Different models There are of course countless opinions about prostitution. Most of these are […]

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