Africa: Economic recession takes toll on commercial sex sector in Nigeria

Prostitutes trafficking

It was past 11pm and business was in full swing in major streets in Owerri, such as, Wethedral, Okigwe, Assumpta Roundabout (Control) Roads, Executive Garden Hotels, All Seasons and 40-40 nightclubs when The Guardian visited. There was a parade of half-cladded girls and women of various ages and sizes brazenly exposing themselves, while openly and desperately beckoning on motorists and […]

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Africa: 16 hotels in Kenya to be constructed in the next five years

16 hotels in Kenya are projected to be constructed in the next five years the most recent PwC report which focuses on hotels in Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, Nigeria and South Africa has revealed. The report further indicates that Kenya’s vigorous economic growth will play a very important role in attracting new hotel developers and business travelers as well as domestic […]

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By Friday Nwosu Rwanda is set to hold the 26th World Economic Forum for Africa, to further integrate the African continent through digital integration. The forum which is expected to hold from the 11th-13 May 2016, with the theme: “Connecting Africa’s Resources through Digital Transformation”, will bring together regional and global leaders from business, government and civil society in Africa […]

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