Africa: Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited to offer Navigational Services to Airlines, others


The Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited plans to provide Global Positioning Services to airline operators and other commercial entities, including the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Towards the provision of this service, the L-Band in the Nigerian Communications Satellite, NigComSat-1R, has been activated and testing of the services will be carried out in the first quarter of 2019. The Minister of Communications, […]

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Africa: New Satellite City upgrades the Tourism Profile of Arusha in Tanzania


Tanzania’s tourism capital of Arusha in partnership with an investor in real estate is coming up with an ultra-modern satellite city in a bid to offer the populaces planned settlements. Billed as the most ambitious, strategic and grand project in recent history, the BondeniCity satellite city, which is located 15km South West of the Arusha center, is anticipated to raise […]

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South Africa releases Tourism Satellite Account, TSA figure for 10 years

The importance of South African tourism industry, particularly its role in economic growth, job creation, attracting foreign exchange and its capacity to grow SA’s GDP is vital. In 2013 alone, for example, the number of persons employed in the tourism industry amounted to 4,5% of all employed persons in South Africa, providing jobs of all skill levels and in all […]

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Bishop Obinim and other Pastors yanked off Ghana TV by agency

Hughes Boateng The NCA has noted the public interest that has been generated following its recent enforcement actions on some unauthorised television stations. To clarify the issues, the following questions that the Authority has received has been answered below. 1. Why have some television channels been taken off the Multi TV broadcasting platform? According to Section 2(4) of the Electronic […]

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