Africa: Russian bank mistakenly gives $12bn loan to Central African Republic


Central African Republic landed a windfall on Tuesday, at least on paper, when Russian state bank VTB reported it had lent the country 12 billion dollars. However, the bank then said it was a clerical error and there was no such loan. The loan was mentioned in a quarterly VTB financial report published by the Russian Central Bank. The report […]

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News: African companies replaced European in the Russian market


With the current sanctions between Europe and Russia there was massive opportunity for African producers to develop their trading relationships with Russia, Managing Director at the Catalyze – International Events, Rex Bowden said in an interview after the 27th World Food Moscow exhibition held from 17-20 September in Moscow. While EU states and Turkey have been banned from exporting some […]

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Morocco Plans to Attract About 85,000 Russian Tourists in 2016

Morocco intends to welcome some 85,000 Russian tourists in 2016, the country’s CIS tourism office head told Sputnik. The head of the Moroccan National Tourism Office for Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Samir Sussi Riah, announced on Friday the signing of 12 agreements with Russian travel companies to attract an estimated 85,000 Russian tourists in 2016. Share […]

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Nigerian woman makes her mark in Macho World of Diamonds

Nigerian Thelma West is a rare gem in the diamond world as a woman in a male-dominated sector with few Africans, despite the continent being the main source of the precious rocks. The first in her family to work in diamonds, West is used to being an outsider, having been raised in a Jewish family in a country where Jews […]

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