News: Reagan’s Racist Conversation With Nixon: ‘Those Monkeys —They’re Still Uncomfortable Wearing Shoes’

racist racism

Presidential racism has been almost constantly in the headlines this month. A newly emerged recorded phone conversation between current and future presidents almost 50 years ago is a reminder that racist beliefs held by highest-ranking elected officials were once considered private. In October 1971, the United Nations voted to recognize the People’s Republic of China. Reagan, then the governor of […]

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Alert: UN finds disturbing’ racism against Aborigines in Australia

UN racism

Racism against Aborigines in Australia is widespread and “deeply disturbing,” a United Nations envoy said Monday, urging the government to work more closely with indigenous people. UN special rapporteur Victoria Tauli-Corpuz has been on a 15-day visit at Canberra’s invitation to check on the progress made since the last such trip in 2009. She said she found racism against the […]

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South Africa Named The Worst Country To Raise Your Kids In – Worse Than Somalia

The United Nations Children’s Funds (UNICEF) recently revealed that South Africa is now rated as the worst country in the world to raise your children in. In yet another shocking example of how much South Africa has fallen under Jacob Zuma, it was revealed that 77 of every 100 000 children die at school in South Africa. The highest in […]

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Most Brazilian children don’t know they are Black

Jean Wynter-Milliner The People of African descent in Limon, Costa Rica (Central America) know who they are. Somos Afro-Caribeños, and very happy to be so! Patricia Manuel Read the response from the Mexican guy on the site comments! This the best explanation there is! They are not Black they are Afrocentric! Black is a term the white man labeled slaves […]

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Lagos is the most Authentic Party City in The World say Playboy Mag

But Lagos, for all its money, glamour and status as the world capital of Afropop, seems immune to all that. Thanks to its crime-riddled reputation, it has become the dark frontier of the global party circuit, a place of cognac-washed clubs, B-boy block parties and Afrobeat root systems. There are no carbon-copy full-moon raves or overly organized pop festivals featuring […]

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Isrealis lynch a black man after an Arab Palestinian kills an Isreali Soldier

By Editorial_Staff The lynch mob attack on a young Eritrean refugee in Israel during a deadly assault at a bus station has stoked fears that a climate in which Israeli citizens are encouraged to take the law into their own hands is growing. HaftomZarhum died in hospital after he, mistaken for an accomplice of an Arab attacker that killed an Israeli […]

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