Africa: Ancient pyramids and whirling dervishes make Sudan a heady delight


The African country is opening up to tourism, and now is the time to go, says Sarah Marshall. It could be the coils of incense wafting from thuribles, or perhaps the sight of men spinning furiously on their heels, but as the sun dips below the onion domes of Omdurman’s mosques, I’m beginning to feel quite dizzy. Every Friday, dervishes […]

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African Tourism: Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey suffer Tourism backlash

The world is a scary place… and many countries have become too frightening for tourists. Millions of travelers have been nixing their dreams of visiting places like the pyramids in Egypt and the Tunisian coast due to heightened terrorism concerns. Here are the countries that are among the worst hit: Egypt he prospects for Egypt’s vital tourism industry are looking […]

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Egypt Invest $68m Advertising Promotional Campaign To Help Revive Tourism Industry

By Morgan Winsor Egypt has signed a $68 million contract with New York advertising agency J. Walter Thompson Co. to help revive the Arab nation’s tourism industry. Over the next three years, the company will run a public relations campaign in 27 markets around the world to promote Egypt as a prime tourist destination and improve the view of the […]

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