Aviation: South African Airways Gets Another Bailout, SAA May Be Privatizing


Cash-strapped South African Airways has been granted a $347 million bailout in addition to the $1.04 billion that taxpayers have already paid to keep the airline going, and it could be getting funding in the form of a strategic equity partner, Eyewitness News reported. The bailout comes with conditions that the airline cuts costs. SAA is expected to achieve financial […]

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African economy: Africa’s top 4 economies are in trouble

Growth in Africa has outpaced most emerging markets in recent years, but that’s changing fast as a slew of problems beset its leading economies. Cheap oil, political uncertainty and weak banks are all to blame. Here’s what you need to know about sub-Saharan Africa’s big four: South Africa The prospects for Africa’s most advanced economy are not looking good. The […]

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Obesity: South Africa becomes First African country to impose tax on sugar drinks

In frantic move to reduce the number of people with obesity in the country, South Africa has introduced a tax on drinks loaded with sugar becoming the first African country to impose a tax on the fizzy drink. Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan introduced the tax on everything from carbonated soft drinks to flavoured water in his February’s budget speech, partly […]

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