News: At The Height Of The Black Power Movement, The FBI Targeted Black-Owned Bookstores


During the peak of the Black Power movement in the United States, African Americans were joining forces to demand changes as sort of an more proactive extension of the Civil Rights Movement. This caught the attention of the FBI under the leadership of J. Edgar Hoover. During this period, Hoover began to use a counter-intelligence program created in 1956 called […]

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92-year-old Mugabe refuses to relinquish power, says until he dies

Harare – The 92-year-old Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, on Thursday in Harare maintained that even though is party would choose a successor, he planned to contest the next election in 2018. Mugabe, who would be 94 by 2018, insisted that he would still seek his last five-year term under a new constitution that would see him through to 99 years […]

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