Africa: Nigeria’s Afrobeats Music Scene is Booming, But Profits Go to Pirates


The New York Times focuses on how Nigerian artistes get next to nothing for their works because of the activities of pirates. Forcing a smile, Seyi Shay, a music star in Nigeria, stood for hours under the hot lights of a film studio to record a video. Three changes of clothes, two wigs and multiple touch-ups later, she was still […]

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Nigerian Navy in the first successful rescue of a hijacked ship by an Africa country

It was supposed to be a U.S.-led naval training maneuver off the coast of West Africa when real-life drama intervened, with pirates taking over an oil tanker and turning the exercise into a rescue mission. Navies from the United States, Ghana, Togo and Nigeria tracked the hijacked tanker through waters off five countries before Nigerian naval forces stormed aboard on […]

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