News: Are Miracle Pastors a Problem for Africa? questions Leo Igwe

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Across Africa, fraudulent ‘Miracle Pastors ’, claiming to be prophets who cure disease and end misfortune, are exploiting and scamming vulnerable Africans. Botswana has reportedly closed down the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church of the Malawian self-acclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri, citing concerns over ‘miracle money’ claims. Bushiri’s church taught its members that they could make money through acts of magic. The […]

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Why 5000 pastors may be jailed in Northern Nigeria

By Renn Offor For refusing to comply with the executive bill being processed to be passed in to law, should the bill go through in a couple of weeks, it is seemingly crystal clear that over 5,000 pastors would be jailed in the Northern State of Kaduna in Nigeria. In reaction to what many clergy across the country has termed […]

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Bishop Obinim and other Pastors yanked off Ghana TV by agency

Hughes Boateng The NCA has noted the public interest that has been generated following its recent enforcement actions on some unauthorised television stations. To clarify the issues, the following questions that the Authority has received has been answered below. 1. Why have some television channels been taken off the Multi TV broadcasting platform? According to Section 2(4) of the Electronic […]

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