News: ‘Emirati Princess’ con artist swindles Paris shop out of $1.78 million worth of jewelry


A con artist posing as a royalty from the United Arab Emirates has pulled off an audacious scam at a high-end Paris jewelry store, replacing precious jewels worth €1.6 million ($1.78 million) with worthless bouillon cubes. The imposter carried out the impressive switcheroo on Wednesday when she convinced staff in the jewelers on Rue Saint-Honore that she was a princess […]

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Aviation: Star Alliance Unveils Refurbished Lounge At Paris Charles De Gaulle


Star Alliance has officially completed the refurbishment of its lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport. The 980 square metre facility offers seating for more than 220 guests and features stylish elements inspired by Parisian design and architecture. The lounge is available to First and Business Class customers as well as Star Alliance Gold members travelling from Paris Charles […]

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News: Paris is creating a part of its city for Naked people

Paris is set to have an official nudist park after officials voted in favour of the plans on Monday night. The park could open as soon as next summer, AFP reports, and two main wooded areas on the outskirts of the city, the Bois de Boulogne and the Bois de Vincennes, are being considered as possible options. Naturism is popular […]

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Toddler, 2, discovered hidden in hand luggage on Air France flight between Istanbul and Paris

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched after a baby was smuggled inside a woman’s hand luggage on an Air France flight. Passengers on flight AF1891 from Istanbul to Paris were shocked when they discovered the two-year-old moving inside the bag. Share our story:

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Sex workers protest as French lawmakers outlaw paying for acts

French lawmakers have passed a law that makes it illegal to pay for sex and imposes fines of up to €3,750 (£3,027, $4,274) for those buying sexual acts. Those convicted would also have to attend classes to learn about the conditions faced by prostitutes. It has taken more than two years to pass the controversial legislation because of differences between […]

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We Want To be the biggest Airline that fly to Nigeria and Africa – Turkish Airline

Experts say that the higher the growth of the aviation industry, the higher a country’s GDP. The economic benefits of aviation are very important. Globally, it is 3.4 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The vice president, Sub-Saharan Africa, Turkish Airlines, Mr Said Samil Karakas in an interview with WINIFRED OGBEBO, who was in Istanbul recently, said it’s important […]

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Amid dwindling resources, tourism is road less travelled

By Femi Oni THE Nigerian government has certainly been feeling the pinch since the oil price slide began to hammer public finances. Whether the dwindling oil revenue is as a result of drastic reduction in the demand for the nation’s light crude oils or as a result of the fall in the price of crude oils (light or heavy), the […]

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Gulf, China Airlines set to take over aviation in Africa

chinese airbus aircraft

Africa is tipped to be one of aviation’s hot spots over the next 10-20 years. Growth rates are already strong, as increasing numbers of countries on the continent expand economically and develop a middle class. According to, commercial aviation in Africa is still constrained by a combination of poor infrastructure, restrictive visa regimes and protectionism. Which makes it difficult […]

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‘I’ve passion to promote artists who are aligned into promoting African culture’- Floxy Bee

Queen of Hikosso music, YeyeAsa, Mother of the culture, Popularly known and called Floxy Bee by contemporaries and friends, in this close up with Head atqnews.comRennOffor, shares her how her father’s love for highlife music rubbed off on her, her passion to promote upcoming artistes who areinterested in promoting African cultures, and her sojourn in the world of music which […]

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We must open up Africa to Africans if we really want to boost growth

The African Development Bank just launched the Africa Visa Openness Report 2016, and it highlights a huge problem: as Africans, we cannot move easily between our countries. According to, on average, Africans need visas to travel to 55% of other African countries and can only get visas on arrival in 25% of other countries. This means they can only […]

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