African Aviation: Has the Lucrative Accra-Lagos Route collapsed?

AMCON arik carrier

By Ikechi Uko Ikechi Ayo Iroche had booked a Business Class ticket on Medview from Accra to Lagos and when he turned up at the Airport on Sunday morning he found out the flight has been cancelled and nobody informed him. He had to buy an Arik ticket for $315 to get back home to Lagos. That probably was a […]

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Code Share will help Nigerian carriers

Organiser of Akwaba African Travel Market, Ikechi Uko Travel expert and organiser of Akwaba African Travel Market, Ikechi Uko says the only way international airlines could agree to code-share with Nigerian carriers is for government to introduce the Fly Nigeria Act. Chinedu Eze presents the excerpts: The multi designation of foreign carriers is hurting the local airlines’ business and so […]

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