Aviation: KPMG To Undertake Forensic Audit Of Arik Airlines

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KPMG To Undertake Forensic Audit Of Arik Airlines The new management of Arik Airlines has appointed KPMG, world-class financial experts to undertake a forensic and diagnostic audit of the finances of the airline to ascertain the true status of its finances. According to the statement, the review will among other objectives cover the position of assets and liabilities, and their […]

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Aviation: How Aero got into Trouble and how it can be saved

Nigeria’s foremost indigenous carrier, Aero Contractors is in danger of extinction. Only urgent injection of funds can save the ailing airline, writes Chinedu Eze Nigeria promising and oldest indigenous carrier, Aero Contractors has paid the price of a selfish decision taken against it some years ago, when its stakeholders shortchanged the airline and gained at its expense. The consequence is […]

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Chanchangi Airlines: Grounded but still dreaming of the skies

ESTEEMED readers, I hope you have not forgotten Chanchangi Airlines so soon, an airline that controlled over 40 per cent of the domestic market even with Arik Air there until the once great airline grounded to a halt. Chanchangi was so known back then that it had charter operations contracts with the United Nations, the Nigerian Army and Nigerian Football […]

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Aviation: 2016 year of big winners and losers in West Africa


IKECHI UKO West Africa has a population of over 300 million People within 15 countries having over 40 Airports with the largest Economies in Africa. Yet there is no strong Airline in West Africa and no Airport hub in West and Central Africa. East Africa has 2 hubs in Nairobi and Addis Ababa while South Africa has the massive Oliver […]

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Africa: ADC Airlines: Extinct due to a series of unfortunate events

Many people would remember ADC Airlines but once the airline is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the series of unfortunate incidents and accidents that trailed its wake and became an integral reason for the airline’s exit from the Nigerian airspace. Apart from older aviation stakeholders and enthusiasts, a lot of people find it hard to believe […]

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Nigerian Airlines may ground flights as fuel scarcity bits harder

airport terminals

By Chinedu Eze Nigerian Airline operators have urged passengers to expect more delays or cancelled flights as the scarcity of aviation fuel, known as Jet A1, bites harder, adding that scheduled operations may stop altogether, unless more fuel is delivered in the next few days. Since last week, domestic airlines have faced severe challenges sourcing aviation fuel for their scheduled […]

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