Aviation: How the Owners of Arik goofed

Arik engine goes to aero AMCON Airlines

How the Owners of Arik goofed After a decade of dominating the aviation industry in Nigeria as the largest local carrier, Arik Airline is engulfed in mortal crisis, which has set it on the same old path of many defunct Nigerian airlines like Nigerian Airways, Okada Air, Kabo Airlines, ADC Airlines, and Concord Airlines. There were also Sosoliso Airlines, Oriental […]

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Aviation: Ethiopia Turmoil hasn’t Threatened Africa’s Airline Success Story


Ethiopia Turmoil hasn’t Threatened Africa’s Airline Success Story Ethiopia, indelibly linked with images of grinding poverty and famine, has quietly built one of Africa’s rare corporate success stories with the continent’s only consistently profitable airline shuttling passengers from around the world through its hub in Addis Ababa. Yet just as state-owned Ethiopian Airlines starts to vie with the likes of […]

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Aviation: Why 50 Nigerian Airlines collapsed in 50 years

By Abdullateef Aliyu At least 50 airlines which operated in Nigeria from Independence Day on October 1, 1960 have gone into extinction, checks by the Daily Trust have shown. While most of the airlines were owned by Nigerians, others were jointly owned with partners from countries in Africa and Europe. Few of the airlines lasted for more than one year […]

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Aviation: How 45 Airlines Collapsed in Nigeria and why more will follow

By Anthony Awunor No fewer than 45 domestic airlines have shut down operations in Nigeria in the last 35 years, investigations by LEADERSHIP have revealed. The effect of the negative trend is evident in the number of industry professionals who have either lost their jobs or remained unemployed after many years of qualification. Investigation by LEADERSHIP revealed that no fewer […]

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Late Hadiza Lantana Oboh: Ex-Nigerian Airways pilot murdered in cold blood

THIS is a tale of greed, a tale of tragedy, a tale of murder; this story we brought you today on Blast from the Past is the story of late Nigerian Airways female Senior First Officer (S/FO), Hadiza Lantana Oboh slayed by her domestic staff on the 8th of February, 1998 for things as useless as foreign currency and jewels. […]

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Aviation: 2016 year of big winners and losers in West Africa


IKECHI UKO West Africa has a population of over 300 million People within 15 countries having over 40 Airports with the largest Economies in Africa. Yet there is no strong Airline in West Africa and no Airport hub in West and Central Africa. East Africa has 2 hubs in Nairobi and Addis Ababa while South Africa has the massive Oliver […]

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