Aviation: Israel signs Open Sky agreement with African countries of Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda

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During 2018, new direct air routes between Israel and Chile and Brazil will be inaugurated as well as more direct flights between Israel and Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Jordan, Canada, China and other countries. Israel’s Ministry of Transport has signed new air transport agreements with 10 countries. During 2018, new direct air routes between Israel and Chile and Brazil will be […]

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News:Israel has the most secure Airline, Airport and Aviation Environment In the World


Israel has had more than its share of wars, military conflicts and terrorist attacks in its relatively short history. With an impressive list of bombings and shootings, the country is serious about the security measures it takes to prevent another tragedy. AeroTime looks into the components of the aviation security system that make Israel stand out from the rest. Each […]

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Egypt Invest $68m Advertising Promotional Campaign To Help Revive Tourism Industry

By Morgan Winsor Egypt has signed a $68 million contract with New York advertising agency J. Walter Thompson Co. to help revive the Arab nation’s tourism industry. Over the next three years, the company will run a public relations campaign in 27 markets around the world to promote Egypt as a prime tourist destination and improve the view of the […]

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40 Years After Entebbe, Israeli PM Is visiting Africa: Bibi Plans First Official Tour

Defeating Islamist extremism is the Israel-Africa bond, says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who plans this year to visit Uganda, Kenya and possibly other African countries on the first official visit by a sitting Israeli head of state since 1987. He plans to time his visit around the 40th anniversary of the Entebbe raid, a counter-terror, hostage-rescue mission that took […]

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Isrealis lynch a black man after an Arab Palestinian kills an Isreali Soldier

By Editorial_Staff The lynch mob attack on a young Eritrean refugee in Israel during a deadly assault at a bus station has stoked fears that a climate in which Israeli citizens are encouraged to take the law into their own hands is growing. HaftomZarhum died in hospital after he, mistaken for an accomplice of an Arab attacker that killed an Israeli […]

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