Tourism: Why the Arab Gulf States are involved in the New Scramble for Africa


Africa’s cultural and trade links to the modern Middle East run deep, thanks largely to their geographic proximity. Adjacent to the continent and separated from it by only the Red Sea, the Arabian Peninsula has a particularly strong influence in Africa, which many countries in the region are hoping to expand. The wealthy states that make up the Gulf Cooperation […]

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Aviation: New US tax bill targets Ethiopian Airlines and Gulf Carriers with ban

Delta gulf sexual

The big three US carriers have been on the rampage over the past 12 months, wielding the protectionist and law-and-order instincts of a new administration in Washington to roll back two decades of advances by their Gulf competitors. While a laptop ban and travel restrictions targeted mostly at nations in the Middle East and Africa have largely been shrugged off, […]

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Gulf, China Airlines set to take over aviation in Africa

chinese airbus aircraft

Africa is tipped to be one of aviation’s hot spots over the next 10-20 years. Growth rates are already strong, as increasing numbers of countries on the continent expand economically and develop a middle class. According to, commercial aviation in Africa is still constrained by a combination of poor infrastructure, restrictive visa regimes and protectionism. Which makes it difficult […]

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