Aviation in Africa: Has The forex crisis driven United Airlines out of Nigeria?

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… as British Airways re-evaluate Nigerian route United Airlines, one of the US carriers flying to Nigeria has hinted its customers in the country that it will soon cease flight operations to the country from the 30th of June 2016. The airlines said the last flight from Houston to Lagos will operate on June 29th, 2016 and Lagos to Houston […]

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Dirty fight by Airlines for Nigeria’s sky and forex

By Louis Odion Anyone still doubting the manipulative influence of multinationals in the political economy of Third World countries like Nigeria only needs to pay more attention to dispatches from our aviation sector lately. With the nation falling on hard times in the last eighteen months over the steep drop in oil price and the $28b foreign reserve barely enough […]

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The Nigeria Economy may shrink to 2014 standards in 4 years time

The promise of Africa’s biggest economy has turned to peril. Companies drawn to Nigeria by the prospect of a population bigger than Germany and Turkey’s combined are retreating; those staying have publicly criticized the president, a military strongman in the 1980s who came back to power via an election last year; and foreign investors are pulling their money out. Share […]

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