Aviation: “Why AWA is wining in West Africa,” Samuel Thompson, AWA COO


In just four years of operating in the aviation industry, leading Ghanaian carrier, Africa World Airline (AWA) has become a darling airline to air travellers in Ghana and Nigerian. The airline which started its operation on the Accra-Lagos route with 3 times weekly flight has consistently increased its frequency and now flies 4 times daily making it the airline with […]

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Aviation: AWA plans West Coast expansion as it takes delivery of 5th aircraft


AWA plans West Coast expansion as it takes delivery of 5th aircraft …To  add 12 more aircraft in fourth quarter of 2017 By Friday Nwosu Ghanaian leading carrier Africa World Airlines has said it is now prepared more than ever to expand its route network along the West Coast, just as the airline took delivery of its 5th aircraft. The […]

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Aviation: How Ghana’s AWA delivered the Aviation blow to its Nigerian Rivals

By Ikechi Uko Consistency pays if the steps are sure and steady. That is the story coming out of Accra Ghana. There is this arrogance and Chutzpah ingrained in any Nigeria once he finds himself in any Competition. Every Nigerian believes he should win the argument -any Argument. Now when his opponent is Ghana he is ever motivated to win […]

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African: Aviation Crisis in Nigeria benefits Arik as AWA increases flights

The Only Airline from Ghana that has survived the competition with Nigeria Carriers, Africa World Airline is set to increase flights to 6 times a week from the 4 weekly flights currently on offer. The new flights on Tuesday and Thursday will be in the afternoon while it keeps the evening flights on other days. AWA is a beneficiary of […]

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Aviation: Chinese Hainan Airlines to Start Africa flights to Egypt

The owners of Ghanaian AWA Hainan Airlines is ramping up it’s presence in Africa by starting a 3 times weekly flight to Cairo Egypt. Hainan Airlines a massive Chinese Aviation company had been quiet on Africa but with this move it is showing a greater interest in Africa. It will be recalled that recently it advertises for a new CEO […]

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African Aviation: Has the Lucrative Accra-Lagos Route collapsed?

AMCON arik carrier

By Ikechi Uko Ikechi Ayo Iroche had booked a Business Class ticket on Medview from Accra to Lagos and when he turned up at the Airport on Sunday morning he found out the flight has been cancelled and nobody informed him. He had to buy an Arik ticket for $315 to get back home to Lagos. That probably was a […]

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