Africa: Why 4 Generations of Airlines have failed in Nigeria-Olowo

Why 4 Generations of Airlines have failed in Nigeria-Olowo The Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative (ASRTI) President, Mr. Gbenga Olowo has given his voice to the recent take-over of Arik Air by the Asset Management Company of Nigeria, AMCON. He said other airlines in the country not only Arik Air should be looked into for better operations. “Treating the Arik […]

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African Aviation: Aviation Security Should Be Part of the National Security Infrastructure- Olowo

Sabre aviation Olowo

President/Chief Executive of Sabre Network West Africa and current President of the Aviation Round Table, Gbenga Olowo is of the opinion that aviation security should become part of the national security infrastructure. He also spoke on other contentious issues in the sector. Chinedu Eze presents the excerpts: Looking at the controversy that trailed the last concession that was done in […]

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Olowo: Nigerian Local Airlines Fail Because of Hostile Operating Environment

President of Sabre, West Africa and Aviation Round Table, Mr. Gabriel Gbenga Olowo, spoke to ChineduEze on ways to fix the aviation industry. Excerpts: Do you believe that Nigeria can actualise the plan to have a national carrier at this period when the economy in most parts of the world is private sector driven? It is obvious that the present […]

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