News: Meet the filmmakers behind the ground-breaking new documentary that is fighting to save the pangolin


Award-winning South African filmmakers Bruce Young (Blood Lions) and Johan Vermeulen (Kalahari Tails) are on a mission to capture the four species of African pangolin on film to raise awareness of these shy, beguiling creatures and put a stop to the horrific poaching and illegal trade that is driving them to extinction. We asked Young & Vermeulen a few questions […]

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Nigerian online star Yagazie stirs America

If you don’t know who Yagazie Emezi is, it’s time to catch up — she’s on the verge of blowing up. The social media star is making it her personal mission to change the way people think about modern Africa. But perhaps what’s so interesting about Emezi is that her ability to tell compelling, engaging stories is just the tip […]

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