Africa: Another Crash-landing at Nairobi Airport leaves Passengers stranded for hours

By Friday Nwosu Several passengers were left stranded at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), after an airplane from Somalia crash landed on the runway on Sunday evening. This is the third time in the year the Nairobi will be experiencing incidences of crash landing at the airport forcing authorities to temporarily shut the terminal in order to restore normal operation. […]

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Africa: Marriot gobbles Starwood hotels after snacking on Protea in Africa to become the world’s biggest

Airbnb hotel

By Ikechi Uko First it grabbed one of the biggest Hotel Brands in Africa South Africa’s Protea Hotels now Marriots has grabbed the huge Starwood hotel group in a coup that establishes it as the biggest Hotel brand in the World. This is coming at a time that it is about to open its first Marriott Brand in Sub Sahara […]

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Olympics: While Nigeria House flops in Brazil Jamaica nets 20,000 visitors

By IKECHI Uko The Rio Olympics left Nigeria limping home with only the “Golden” Bronze won by the football team. That wasn’t the only loss suffered by Nigeria in Rio. While Jamaica was smiling home with a truckload of Gold medals from the tracks it seems it also won the tourism Gold medal too. The idea of a Nigeria village […]

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While Nigeria goes back to UNWTO Seychelles hires a Seychellois to update Tourism Masterplan


By Ikechi Uko At a UNWTO CAF event The Tourism Masterplan for Nigeria was presented as part of the support to Africa from UNWTO. I challenged it citing the failure of the Tourism Masterplan produced by UNWTO for Nigeria. It was argued that the failure of the Masterplan could be due to reasons related to Nigeria’s difficult Governance environment but […]

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Tourism: Kenya eyes 12bn shilling windfall from TICAD

By Friday Nwosu Kenyan Government is hoping to rake in the sum of 12 billion Kenyan shillings from tourists at the maiden edition of Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development (TICAD), to be held in Nairobi, the country’s capital. The summit which is being held for the first time in Africa from its traditional home Japan is expected to have […]

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