Africa: Entebbe Raid hero promotes engagement to lower airport security threat


Anyone under the age of 45 takes airport security for granted. But there was a time up until the early-1970s that catching a plane wasn’t much different to catching a train; indeed, universal passenger screening wasn’t even a mandatory FAA requirement until 1973. The 1976 Air France hijacking, which ended in the breathtakingly audacious Israeli Entebbe Raid and hostage rescue […]

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Aviation: Uganda implements Emission standards as it bans 10 year old Taxis from Entebbe Airport


Vehicles that are more than 10 years old have been banned from operating at Entebbe international airport as airport taxis. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced that the ban takes effect from July 15, 2019. Vianney Luggya, the CAA public affairs manager, says only vehicles manufactured after 2008 will be allowed to operate as airport taxis. According to Luggya, CAA […]

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Africa: Entebbe traffic hit 1.53 million passengers in 2017, up 8.1%,


Entebbe Airport lies 47 kilometres south of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, and serves as the international gateway to the African nation. Kampala is home to a population of over 1.5 million people. A few years ago it was named as one of the fastest-growing cities in the world by World Mayor, a website that makes its assumptions based on past […]

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Aviation: RwandAir opens it’s 19th destination with flight to Cotonou, Benin Republic

Rwanda’s national flag carrier RwandAir has re-assured the business community on its new drive to enhance connectivity and efficiency to boost trade. The airline said it will relentlessly continue opening new destinations to facilitate the ease of doing business and movement across Africa and beyond. Jean Paul Nyirubutama, the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of RwandAir, said […]

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Aviation: “Simien Mountains” in Entebbe

Africa’s first and the most technologically advanced aircraft Airbus A350 XWB dubbed “Simien Mountains”, touched down in Entebbe (EBB) on the 13th. According to the airline, by sending the capacious A350 to Entebbe, Ethiopian believes that its customers across the region will experience the extra effect of this cutting-edge technology flying machine. It said passengers were pleased of Ethiopian’s decision […]

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Uganda signs up 3 companies as Tourism Reps in America and Europe

President Yoweri Museveni today handed over marketing contracts to Tim Henshall, the managing director of Kamageo and Hanna Kleber, the CEO/managing director of KPRN at State House Entebbe. Three marketing firms PHG for North America, Kamageo for UK and Ireland, and KPRN for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, are to represent Uganda in the respective travel markets at a total cost […]

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Gulf, China Airlines set to take over aviation in Africa

chinese airbus aircraft

Africa is tipped to be one of aviation’s hot spots over the next 10-20 years. Growth rates are already strong, as increasing numbers of countries on the continent expand economically and develop a middle class. According to, commercial aviation in Africa is still constrained by a combination of poor infrastructure, restrictive visa regimes and protectionism. Which makes it difficult […]

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Does Uganda have the most Expensive Visa in East Africa?


By Renn Offor On the 20th February 2014, in Uganda, the presidents of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda officially launched the new common tourist visa. The three countries combined in that region attract more than 4million visitors each year, and the single tourist visa was to be a major milestone in the development of a common tourism promotion strategy, which will […]

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40 Years After Entebbe, Israeli PM Is visiting Africa: Bibi Plans First Official Tour

Defeating Islamist extremism is the Israel-Africa bond, says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who plans this year to visit Uganda, Kenya and possibly other African countries on the first official visit by a sitting Israeli head of state since 1987. He plans to time his visit around the 40th anniversary of the Entebbe raid, a counter-terror, hostage-rescue mission that took […]

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