Tourism: African Union Kicks Against Ban on Export of Baby Elephants to Zoos

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The earlier ban on export of baby elephants from Africa to zoos worldwide has been rejected by the African Union. This is according to a report by says that officials of the African Union are ensuring that the practise continues. The rejection of the ban by the AU counters the decision for the ban made by 46 countries at […]

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Nigeria bets on Yankari elephants and warm springs to lure tourists

A luxury safari is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when potential tourists think of Nigeria but that’s exactly what Yankari Game Reserve is hoping to change. In Africa’s largest economy, suffering from the collapse in global oil prices, tourism is being touted as a panacea to slow growth and a depreciating naira. Share our story:

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Time to save African Elephants


Ben Fogle The murder of helicopter pilot Roger Gower while protecting Tanzania’s wildlife is the latest example of those on the frontline in the war against illegal ivory being outnumbered and outgunned According to, the death of Roger Gower, shot through his helicopter by AK47 while protecting Tanzania’s game reserves from poachers, is the culmination of a worrying trend […]

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