African Aviation: Has the Lucrative Accra-Lagos Route collapsed?

AMCON arik carrier

By Ikechi Uko Ikechi Ayo Iroche had booked a Business Class ticket on Medview from Accra to Lagos and when he turned up at the Airport on Sunday morning he found out the flight has been cancelled and nobody informed him. He had to buy an Arik ticket for $315 to get back home to Lagos. That probably was a […]

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African Travels: ‘Nigerians are really hungry for travelling; we are here to make it happen for them’- Imtiaz Hussain

By Renn Offor With a passion to carve a niche in the Nigeria travel trade market, the Imtiaz Hussain Nasir, the Manager of Tabeer Tourism, a new travel company which has just landed Lagos, Nigeria, has revealed that the company motive of extending its service base to Nigeria is inspired by the fact that Nigerians are eager about travelling, and […]

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Akwaaba was so good for Dubai Tourism we decided to do a roadshow in Nigeria

By: OKORIE UGURU Dubai, the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is one of the favourite destinations for Nigerian travellers. It is a top leisure destination for both leisure and business vacations for many Nigerians. This is attested to by the volume of flights from Nigeria that terminates in the city either directly or indirectly. In recognition of […]

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