Africa: Nigeria’s Tourism landscape in 2016

calabar tourism ftan Lai

Nigeria’s Tourism landscape in 2016 NIGERIA has always been seen as a land with huge tourism potential both in the area of eco-tourism and cultural tourism. While some see the huge eco-tourism assets as the way forward, many believe the country’s diverse and rich culture is an area that the country has huge potential and as such should be developed. […]

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Africa Tourism: ’Let’s believe in the brand Nigeria; promote, market it’, Chika Balogun tells travel journalists, security agents

By Renn Offor ‘‘It is our duty to package brand Nigeria as a Destination. The sweetest part of tourism is that the human part of tourism is 90 per cent. And we need to believe in the product Nigeria; change our mindset and get interested in packaging and marketing the brand Nigeria’. These were the assertions with which Mrs. Chika […]

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