News: Canada Asks US To Be Stringent Over Visas To Nigerians


As Nigerian asylum seekers flood into Canada across a ditch in Upstate New York, Canadian authorities are asking the United States for help — but not with managing the influx at the border. Instead, they want U.S. immigration officials to reduce the foot traffic by screening Nigerians more stringently before granting them U.S. visas. It is a ripple effect that […]

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Aviation: Air Canada barely missed crashing into 4 fully loaded planes in what could be worst air disaster in history’


Aviation authorities in Canada and the US are investigating an apparent near-miss at San Francisco airport which one expert said could have been the worst air disaster in history. An Air Canada jet reportedly came close to landing on a taxiway, avoiding by a matter of just a few metres four other planes which were waiting to take off, the […]

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Most Brazilian children don’t know they are Black

Jean Wynter-Milliner The People of African descent in Limon, Costa Rica (Central America) know who they are. Somos Afro-Caribeños, and very happy to be so! Patricia Manuel Read the response from the Mexican guy on the site comments! This the best explanation there is! They are not Black they are Afrocentric! Black is a term the white man labeled slaves […]

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Nigeria can achieve regional aviation hub – ICAO President

By Chris Agabi What are your chances of getting re-elected into the ICAO council Presidency? The elections will be done by the ICAO Council. The new council will be elected in October-November at the general assembly. I wish to express my profound appreciation through the minister to Mr. President for the unwavering support that has been given to me in […]

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Yoruba King Marries Jamaican Woman, crown her Queen

For scholars of African history and, indeed, the wider society, 2016 may go down as a significant year as far as Rastafarianism and the ‘Back to Africa’ movement are concerned. Decades after Rastafarians in Jamaica began to espouse a return to the motherland of Africa, from where their ancestors were shipped to the Caribbean during the slave trade era, from […]

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Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week Attracts 44,000 in 120 Venues on 4 Continents. 8,418 Girls Fly.

120 venues in Africa, America, Europe, and Oceania hosted activities aimed at advancing gender balance in the air and space industry during the 6thannual Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, a global aviation awareness week for girls of any age, founded and managed by the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW). 44,000 participated. Share our story:

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Egypt Invest $68m Advertising Promotional Campaign To Help Revive Tourism Industry


By Morgan Winsor Egypt has signed a $68 million contract with New York advertising agency J. Walter Thompson Co. to help revive the Arab nation’s tourism industry. Over the next three years, the company will run a public relations campaign in 27 markets around the world to promote Egypt as a prime tourist destination and improve the view of the […]

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Ghana Missing In Best Countries Ranking

Ghana is missing in the maiden best countries ranking released over the weekend in the United States. The highest ranked country in Africa is South Africa, in 31st position, followed by Morocco in 35th, Egypt in 39th, Tunisia in 47th, Nigeria in 57th and Algeria rounding off the ranking at 60th position. Ghana cannot even be found in the best […]

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Massive rail and road projects threaten the environment in Africa

Africa’s natural environments and spectacular wildlife are about to face their biggest challenge ever. In a paper published today in Current Biology, my colleagues and I assess the dramatic environmental changes that will be driven by an infrastructure-expansion scheme so sweeping in scope, it is dwarfing anything the Earth’s biggest continent has ever been forced to endure. People, food and […]

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