Africa: Cameroon’s Anglophone War, Inside The Separatist Conflict-2


This punishment, 50 lashes, was ordered by Omega, the field commander of this Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) camp. The man had been “brutalising some people”, so “when the complaint got to me, I had to punish him severely,” Omega explains. “We don’t want the Ambaz’ name to be stained.” Cameroon’s anglophone minority has felt marginalised for decades. During protests last […]

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Africa: After months of unrest Southern Cameroon demands breakup of the Country

Lawyers in Cameroon

Fifty six years after British Cameroon and French Cameroon united to become the Republic of Cameroon following a United Nations-sponsored referendum, the marriage seems to be heading for collapse. The English speaking region has repeatedly accused the French speaking Cameroon-dominated government of marginalization and high-handedness in dealing with its people. In late October 2016, Southern Cameroon unions representing lawyers and […]

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Africa: Nigerian activists get involved in the Oppression of English Speaking Cameroon


The ILA (Nigeria) Committee on Justice and Human Rights, acting under the protective mandate of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, is concerned over the ongoing events in the Republic of Cameroon and has considered it imperative to add its voice to the variously expressed opposition to the wanton violation of the rights of the people of English […]

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Africa: Cameroon war against Anglophones continues as activist speaks from prison

cameroon activist

One of the leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium (The Consortium), Dr Fontem Neba has spoken from Kondengui prison where he has been incarcerated for months. Speaking to Le Jour newspaper, he said: “There is so much to be said in the anglophone crisis that continues to thrive. You must know that the persistence of the crisis is […]

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African Genocide Loading as Cameroon continues crackdown on English Speaking Natives

It has been nearly five months since political protests erupted in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. And there seems no end in sight. The government has launched a crackdown on what it sees as agitations. The troubles stem from Anglophone citizens protesting against what they say is the long-term marginalization by the French-speaking dominated government of president Paul Biya. Modern-day […]

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Africa: Cameroon continues crackdown on English Speaking Natives.

English Yaounde

Cameroon continues crackdown on English Speaking Natives When the sun sets in Buea, the capital of Cameroon’s English-speaking Southwest region, residents lock themselves in their homes hoping the security forces won’t come knocking. “The atmosphere reigning here is one of fear, so we go to bed early because the security forces usually organize their raids at nightfall,” Lucas Mbonde, a […]

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Africa: Adulterous men could face Cameroon jail

Men who commit adultery could be sent to jail under a new law being debated by parliament in Cameroon. The law has the backing of President’s Paul Biya’s party and so might be approved. Women already face being jailed for between two to six months for having sexual relations outside marriage and men would face the same punishment. Bar Association […]

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Nigeria bets on Yankari elephants and warm springs to lure tourists

A luxury safari is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when potential tourists think of Nigeria but that’s exactly what Yankari Game Reserve is hoping to change. In Africa’s largest economy, suffering from the collapse in global oil prices, tourism is being touted as a panacea to slow growth and a depreciating naira. Share our story:

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Meet the Richest Nigerians

Wealth. That is the six-letter world that makes successful men and women work even harder than those who are struggling. They just do not rest. They have conquered the challenges of daily existence and now they want to conquer the potency of human limitations. To put food on the table is no longer an issue. Driving the latest cars is […]

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Monarchs Hierarchy Controversy: Why Oba of Benin is Number One

By Odia Ofeimun I am a Republican, not a Royalist. But, in a country in which we have all conceded the coexistence of Republican and Royalist values, it should be considered quite unseemly to watch one set of the interacting values being rough-handled, muddied or treated with improper decorum without feeling a need to intervene on behalf of rectitude. I […]

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