Aviation: 2016 year of big winners and losers in West Africa


IKECHI UKO West Africa has a population of over 300 million People within 15 countries having over 40 Airports with the largest Economies in Africa. Yet there is no strong Airline in West Africa and no Airport hub in West and Central Africa. East Africa has 2 hubs in Nairobi and Addis Ababa while South Africa has the massive Oliver […]

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African: Aviation Crisis in Nigeria benefits Arik as AWA increases flights

The Only Airline from Ghana that has survived the competition with Nigeria Carriers, Africa World Airline is set to increase flights to 6 times a week from the 4 weekly flights currently on offer. The new flights on Tuesday and Thursday will be in the afternoon while it keeps the evening flights on other days. AWA is a beneficiary of […]

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African Aviation: Has the Lucrative Accra-Lagos Route collapsed?

AMCON arik carrier

By Ikechi Uko Ikechi Ayo Iroche had booked a Business Class ticket on Medview from Accra to Lagos and when he turned up at the Airport on Sunday morning he found out the flight has been cancelled and nobody informed him. He had to buy an Arik ticket for $315 to get back home to Lagos. That probably was a […]

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NLC president Wabba refused entry into Togo

Soji-Eze Fagbemi- Abuja IN what looks like a further dent on the image of Nigeria and disrespect for the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and its 16-member states, the Togolese government, on Monday, refused the president of NLC, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, entrance into Togo. Besides, the government of Togo rejected the valid ECOWAS travel certificate, which allowed any […]

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Airport race in West Africa heats up

By Dominick Andoh West African countries are investing heavily in aviation infrastructure in anticipation of future growth in air travel. This is informed by the demographic characteristics and projected economic development of the region. UN Population Division’s data show that Africa’s population is expected to reach 1.5billion by 2030, an increase of about 50 percent from the 2012 population of […]

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