Aviation: Mango expects ‘another challenging year’for South African aviation in 2017

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The South African domestic aviation industry may be set for another challenging year laced with occasional opportunity in 2017. So says Mango acting CEO Nic Vlok as the airline reviews the past calendar year and looks ahead to likely scenarios for next year’s environment. Vlok notes that the two primary themes for airlines next year would be cost compression and […]

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Africa: How Can African MROs Break Out Of The Malaise and Survive Competition?

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The liberalization of African skies is often presented as a panacea to the continent’s many aviation problems (as observed last week at the African Airlines Association’s general assembly in Zimbabwe). But a look at the financial forecast provides sober reading. According to IATA, African airlines made a loss of $700 million in 2015, a record which is expected to be […]

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Aviation: African Airlines Launch New Push For Single Aviation Market In 2017

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African Airlines Association (AFRAA) has intensified its campaign for opening up the African airspace by declaring support to the African Union’s (AU) initiative towards a single air transport market by 2017. Realisation of a single African air transport market in 2017 and the opening up of the airspace to all African airlines were key steps requiring the support of the […]

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Aviation: Europe dumps old Aircraft on Africa then blacklist Airlines that buy them say expert

Just like other products, Africa has become a scrapyard for aircraft that have outlived their usefulness in Europe, Thabani Mthiyane, CEO of South Africa’s Air Traffic Navigation Services (ATNS) has said, calling on leaders on the continent to take their seat at the decision making table. In an interview with the B&FT in Accra, Thabani Mthiyane, who is also the […]

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