TOURISM: Mauritius opens door to Africans for tourism and business

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Mauritius is working closely with airlines, including South African Airways, to transport more people from the African continent to experience tourism and investment on the island. The move is also intended to help people on the continent to integrate and share ideas while making Mauritius the preferred holiday destination instead of the Americas, Europe or Asia. The Director of Mauritius […]

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AFRICAN LEADERSHIP: Educating Future Leaders, the African Leadership University example

Good leaders do not fall from the sky. The experience of successful nations, the world over, emphatically points to the centrality of strong education institutions, and particularly robust higher education systems in deliberately training the leaders who take societies to great heights. In the best of these institutions, leaders are not only imparted with the hard skills of leadership, but […]

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Africa, where even Dangote needs a Visa to visit

Americans and the west find it much easier to travel around the continent; not so if you are an African. ALIKO DANGOTE could be forgiven for hoping that his status as one of the continent’s more recognisable faces could buy him some extra minutes to locate a missing passport, but an anecdote he narrated recently in Ivory Coast suggests that […]

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