Africa: I shivered throughout my first time on a plane- EFE EJEMBA


Winner of Big Brother Naija 2, Efe Ejemba, 23, who popularised the street lingo, Based on Logistics, recounts his experience in this chat with LANRE ODUKOYA.

How do you feel being a winner of the Big Brother Naija 2?
I feel great, honoured and grateful to God almighty because I believe I did not do it all alone; on my part I was just in the house doing what I know I do best but I never knew I have this much love outside the house until when I arrived and based on updates my brother have been giving me. I was just been real in the house and I can tell u authoritatively that the Efe you are seeing here is the real Efe as same in the Big Brother house.

I won’t say there is something special I did differently in the house because every other housemate came with the same motive as mine which was to win the ultimate prize. But I think I was just myself; some came with strategies which I got to find out in the cause of the competition. However, for me, it was just about going to the house, do my thing and make it to the end. I feel I represent an average Nigerian youth whom we all know speaks good English but when you are hungry and yearning for something, you tend to deviate to speaking Pidgin English.

What is the status of your relationship with Marvis?
Based on reality, in the house I must say what we had was great, but she has a boyfriend and I have been single even before I got into the house and life must continue.

Were you truly attracted to Marvis?
Yes I was and we spoke about it even though we were married in the house based on the tasked carried out and sponsored by Heritage Bank. Inasmuch as I like Marvis so much, I can’t force her to be with me as she clearly told me she is going back to her boyfriend.

What was the experience like to be locked up in a particular place for months?
It was crazy, but I was less worried because I went there for the money because I already had this mindset that if it was going to be 90 days in the house; I’d die for the money because all what my head rang was the N25million. It would interest you that when we were told no mobile phones in the house for the period; I told them even if the phone will be seized for two years, I’m game.

How were you able to cope with other housemates all of whom had very different outlook of life?
For me, I learnt to be tolerant in the sense that some people have great personality, but they have this unacceptable behaviour by my own principles. But I got to understand that you had to compromise and relate with these people despite that character of theirs that you don’t like. Obviously because you are in a confined space, they will always get their ways back to you and I learned to live with them all and look at the positive side about them.

During your stay in the house, week-in week-out, you were always on nomination; how did you feel each time your name was mentioned?
Personally, why I was overwhelmed with this situation is that, I grew up having this thinking that people naturally won’t like me, so that is my own strong point; so I don’t try to be nice to you because I already have the feelings that you don’t like me. And because I knew I will be nominated, I tried as much as possible to win the head of house task because I don’t believe in anybody winning it and trying to save me.

What was your thought on the statement by T-Boss that she will spend off N25million in a week?
I was totally shocked by her statement and I could remember that I gave a ridiculous look because if you can spend that much in one week then why come for the competition in the first place and I was happy that moment she was evicted from the top three leaving Bisola and I. I guess she spoke out of anger; the irony of the house is that the younger ones tend to know how to manage their anger when it comes to speeches and the older ones just flared up.

In the cause of your stay in the house; your people in Jos are furious that you did not represent them well in the house?
It’s actually funny because I was actually scared that Warri people wouldn’t believe I’m from Warri; they could say I’m a Jos boy because all my speeches in the house had to do with Jos because that was where I was born and used to. But Warri was more or less the ginger; when you do things and you get hailed and like the saying; ‘Warri no dey carry last’. And most time when I won a task; it was even the housemates that hailed and shouted.

What do you have to say to your Jos people?
I am very proud to be from Jos because we all know how Jos has blessed a lot of us that are artistes and I am very proud; if I was full Warri breed, I won’t have gotten lots of discipline but Jos is a place where they bring you up with character and courtesy. Forget the fact that I’m doing more of Pidgin English in the house; that was just my trademark. I am very sound when it comes to speaking English language; take a look at our proud Jos on-air-personalities doing well and sound. My senior colleagues from Jos are MI, FunnyBone, Ice Prince to mention but a few.

Are you also aware that comedian ‘I go Die’ dropped one million naira towards your campaign in the house?
I was overwhelmed when my brother was sharing the news with me when I got back; I saw that he branded his car with my pictures on it. It’s just amazing that people came out to support me ‘Who I be’? Top comedians including Ali Baba, AY, Osama, Akpororo among others all came out on their own just to show me love and all this I appreciate from the depth of my heart.

What is next for you?
It will be more of music because that is my first love, but I realise the brand is far bigger than music now and there will be lots of random stuffs coming out from me. I just know I won’t disappoint each and every one that supported me this far.

What was the feeling like when you were flown for the first time on a plane?
Being the first time, my brother it wasn’t easy at all, I was shivering seriously while we were ascending and descending. I just belt up and held myself tight all through till we got down.


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