Aviation: Richard Quest launches new Program as he visits Africa with Kenya Airways first flight to America


Quest’s World of Wonder will be a new TV travel series on CNN by Journalist Richard Quest.

Quest, who is also expected to visit Kenya aboard the inaugural Kenya Airways (KQ) New York- Nairobi flight, says: “We’re not tourists, we’re travellers. It’s a show about meeting the people who reveal the heart of the city and help you understand what makes the place tick, leading you to that ‘wow’ moment when you realise you belong.”

Each month, Quest will travel to a different destination to dig deep, exploring what drives a city and the people who live in it. Viewers will meet larger-than-life characters that explain how the city’s past has created a unique fabric that is still evolving today. But this isn’t a show about tourism, food or culture – it’s about finding the essence of a place.

The first episode takes viewers into the heart of a city the world is watching closely: Washington, DC. From the major political upheavals past and present, Quest explores Washington’s power – the good and the bad – with the help of those who have pulled its levers.

Quest’s World of Wonder will also explore Africa, Berlin, Budapest, Panama City and more fascinating cities this season. The half-hour show will be complemented by a wealth of content online at a dedicated site within CNN Travel as well as on social media.

Meanwhile, Quest is expected to fly on Kenya’s inaugural US direct flight for his globally renowned Quest Means Business show. Earlier reports said Quest had reserved his ticket to be on the flight, a new route that will reduce travelling time by seven hours.

Quest is CNN’s top business anchor and top global CEOs and world leaders make it a point to appear on his show.

KQ will begin direct flights from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to John F Kennedy Airport in New York in October and bookings are going on. The new flight path will cut out layovers in another city, cutting down travel time from 22 to 15 hours.

Source: mediamaxnetwork.co.ke

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