Africa: Nigeria National Park Services reaches out to Tourism Stakeholders for increased Visibility


The National Park Services Killed 3 Birds with one Stone recently. The Conservator General of the Services invited 3 Tourism Stakeholders to a meeting in his Office. He had issues to discuss with them.

His team wanted to know why Carnival Calabar does not include the Cross River, Rivers National Park in its Christmas Festival Itinerary despite its uniqueness as the only host of Lowland Gorillas in Nigeria and the Tropical Rainforest environment.

They wanted to know why Akwaaba African Travel Market stopped Linking up with the Services despite having a 22 year Old relationship with Akwaaba.
They asked why Nigerian Tour Operators, NATOP, have not adopted the Parks as their own.

“We have moved from the Old style of Conservation and Protection of our Parks. We are now a modern Service with latest technology in all our Parks and Wifi enabled. We are now a Paramilitary organisation and want Professionals in Tourism to work with us. We reached out to you because you are our Partners and we have worked with you and will want to renew our Relationship” Said Alhaji Goni.

Chairman, Carnival Calabar , Gabe Onah after Consultation with Senior Special Assistant to Cross Rivers State (CRS), governor, Ken Aklah promised that the 3rd Dry Run on December 15th will include a full day Tour of the National Park as part of its Offering and Promised to deepen the relationship with The Services.

Akwaaba Organiser Mr. Ikechi Uko said that the National Park Services have been missed at Akwaaba for the past 4 years and will re-engage with them for Future events.

Hajia Bilkisu, President, Nigerian Association of Tour Operators (NATOP), told the team that she didn’t know of the past Relationship between NATOP and NPS and promised to brief her Members and engage officially with the Parks.

The Meeting ended with agreement on a follow up actions as agreed.

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