Africa: Ms Nigeria United Nations Launch “QUEENS CAN CODE” Programme for beauty queens


In commemorating the International day for girls in ICT Queen Hadassah Ibinyingi Gloriana Allaputa Ms Nigeria United Nations has Launched “QUEENS CAN CODE” a-two-day Information Communication Technology(ICT) Workshop/Tour for beauty queens in the country.

The event is scheduled to hold on the 24th-25th April 2019, in Abuja.

According to the initiator of the programme, Beauty Queens are title holders that goes beyond beautiful faces, physique and fame, but are meant to use their beauty, confidence, intelligence, poise, knowledge, advocacies and determination to bring positive change for the empowerment and development of a community and nation.

She sad beauty Queens are not only to give value but also to receive value and gain life skills during and beyond their reigns as beauty queens, adding that “for this reason, QUEENS CAN CODE is created to add value to beauty queens and young women in the area of information communication technology.
“QUEENS CAN CODE is an initiative of Queen Hadassah Ibinyingi Gloriana Allaputa, Ms United Nations Queen Ambassador, and the Executive Director, Hope for single mother Initiative a non-governmental organization registered with CAC and incorporated in 2017.”

“Our aim is to encourage, train and empower beauty queens and young women with social media skills, coding, programming and digital marketing ensuring that during and after their reign they are equipped with tools, resources and support in the world of Information communication technology. We are bringing more amazing women and beauty queens into the world of technology by creating resources designed with empathy. We have provided 20 coaches, during the workshop, 60 beauty queens will build their first web application using HTML and CSS. Day two is dedicated to visit to historic places, Jabi lake, National museum and interactive session about arts and cultures in Federal Capital Territory Abuja.”

Beauty queens are sometimes perceived as beauty without value but we are changing the narrative that QUEENS CAN CODE, SO we have created a platform to Encourage and Engage beauty queens to consider a career in the fast growing field of ICT and Tourism so they can take advantage of the job opportunities in these sectors. There is a pressing need for digital skills, companies are seeking to increase number of female in ICT. furthermore, the United Nations agencies for telecommunications, organizations companies and governments agencies seeks to encourage gender balance in ICT sectors empowering young women is the most effective way to lift communities, companies and countries. Our vision is to see every beauty queen and young women in Africa have basic digital skills and consider a career in the world of ICT.


ICT Impact on tourism industry. In the last years, the world’s economic and social structure has undergone some important changes, especially because of the introduction of information and communication technology (ICT). ICTs have transformed tourism globally and offer a range of new opportunities for development. Tourism related products could boost the globalization of the tourism industry in areas such as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies or tour operators. Hence, the use of ICTs has the potential to turn markets from local into global and in times of crisis firms can have better prospects to survive and improve their position in the market, especially, in tourism where the number of competitors increases on a daily basis.

Tourism has become a key sector in the world economy. According to the World Tourism organization, international tourist arrivals totalled 940 million during 2010, increasing 7%. Apparently, tourism industry has a great potential to grow, about 5% each year (UNWTO, 2011). Tourism industry could gain more opportunities in the market from the use of the internet.

Our mission is to network, create new and fun ways of learning, bringing young women and girls, upcoming and current crowed queens together through our workshops, seminars and tours, empowering them with resources, skills, tools and support to gain knowledge in the ICT sector as well as Tourism, Acts and culture.

We seek for collaboration with organisations both private and public sectors also within the tourism and ICT sector to encourage and support beauty queens through QUEENS CAN CODE scholarship schemes as an opportunity to contribute positively to the lives of beauty queens, young women and promoting tourism through ICT. We believe that BEAUTY QUEENS CAN CODE!

Hadassah Ibinyingi Gloriana Allaputa is current Ms Nigeria United Nations and will represent Nigeria at the 2019 miss world United Nations finals scheduled from 1-10 November 2019, Delhi, India. She is the Zonal Coordinator at the Charted Institute of Leadership and governance USA, she is also an advocate for girl child empowerment and has volunteered for several charity organizations promoting SDGs “4” Quality Education, and also the founder of Girls with Purpose International Network, she is a project manager, social entrepreneur, Speaker and beauty consultant. She loves children, enjoys photography, makeup artistry, traveling and tourism.

She is known for her passion to add value and to reach out to large network of young women with a focus on beauty queens and young girls helping them find their true purpose, especially the under privileged single teenage mothers and their children giving them hope and support to navigate the challenges that comes with single motherhood so they can achieve personal greatness and become an agent of change in the nation.
She has visited several IDP camps, 14 rural communities, 9 secondary schools in Rivers State and Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Nigeria and reached out to over 1,225 girls, 35 teenage mothers, 2 school dropout girls who have been impacted by her activities.

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