Africa: Implications of the extant NAZAP BOT resolutions of October 2018


The NAZAP Trustees’ meeting stated above took cognizance of the current circumstances of the Association and came up with the following resolution:

Since the tenure of the EXCO had lapsed on the 13TH of October 2018, and having no authentic accreditation list for determining those whose valid membership qualifies them to vote and be voted for, an Interim Executive Committee is being set up to carry out fast-track accreditation processes that will involve the verification of prospective member facilities, before a genuine membership list will be used to schedule an election of officers.

The allusion to a Governing Council meeting in Yankari Game Reserve is therefore deemed clearly defective, since it was premised on the attendance of those whose membership status are doubtful, since their facilities have not been verified. The Yankari meeting is also invalid as there was no presence of relevant Institutional members that qualifies it as a Governing Council, hence a nullity.

The current situation of NAZAP is further complicated by the fact that Dr Morenikeji has ceased being the official representative of the UI Zoo in 2016. Since membership belongs to the respective Zoo organization and not the individual, who is only a representative. The prescribed order of succession outside an election is for the First Vice President to step in, until an election is conducted, since nature abhors any vacuum. Succession issues could have started in 2016 but the Association has matured leaders with decorum.

Alhaji Ali Yola, who is First Vice President of the expired EXCO, is thus in the best position to lead the Interim Executive Committee. He has over 30 years hands-on experience in zoo management with Kano Zoo (the biggest zoo in West Africa and a member of WAZA) and currently the Senior Special Assistant to the Kano State Governor on Zoos and Parks – a position in which he is representative of the Zoo proprietor. Alhaji Ali Yola is a Trustee who has served NAZAP selflessly from inception.

All Trustees are to make one nomination each as members of the Interim Executive Committee, which in turn, will set up an Accreditation Sub-committee with inspection teams to visit prospective member facilities. Institutional members would also be invited to participate and support the activities of the Interim Executive Committee.

The Association shall continue to appreciate the services of Dr Morenikeji and her team to NAZAP, even as she continues to serve as a Trustee and Ex- Officio of Council.

(NAZAP stands for: Nigerian Association of Zoos and Wildlife Parks, under accreditation with the Federal Ministry of Environment and registered with CAC).

Andrew Ehanire
Secretary to BOT

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