Africa: Ikechi Uko Encounters Master Artist in company of Smile Aviation CEO


It was a meeting of great minds, pace setters and goal achievers as the CEOs of Akwaaba African Travel Markets and Smile Aviation relived their years in the travel and tourism industry.

Alex Nwuba CEO, Smile Aviation, in a post on linkedin said Nigeria could do better in many aspects of the economy if it engages experts that have the requisite knowledge in sectors of the economy. He noted that the country has some of the best minds in the world, but these human resources is yet to have meaning impact on the country.

Nwuba on his linkedin post said: “We have some of the best minds in the world but for circumstances, this has not translated into our becoming one of the greatest countries on earth. Take my breakfast guest ikechi uko, a man that travels the world helping governments and companies translate ideas into action and to develop key sectors of their economy and businesses. If you want to grow your business or economy in tourism, transport, aviation and culture, here’s your go to man; he’s remained consistent in the last three decades and everyone that it’s in or considering business along these lines needs to add him to their address book.

From Brazil, Jamaica, Calabar, Ethiopian Airlines to Africa World Airlines you can trace key parts of their success in Africa to his solutions, the governments of Ghana, Gambia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Cameroon, Chad etc, with their known successes regularly reach out to him, the question therefore is why Nigeria, Air Peace, Medview and Arik do not seek his help? Our best minds help others to succeed, we read about their many successes in other environments, because we fail to seek the best in us.

On his part, travel expert and CEO Akwaaba, Mr Ikechi Uko, on his facebook post described the Smile Aviation CEO as man with lots of experience in the aviation industry working with known brands in the sector.

He said: “An amazing day with Alex Nwuba. I was once told you may never really know a man. I had Known Alex since when he was launching a card payment system in Nigeria called Smartpay. Alex moved from finance to running an Airline Associated Airline. In between he lived in America, Benin Republic and now Ghana. He was involved with ASKY at the inception and now the CEO of Ghana based Smile Airline. But inviting me for breakfast was something else. I used my google map to guide the driver to his house in East Legon. His house should be Gazetted by Ghana Tourism Authority as a Tourist attraction.

There are 11 amazingly beautiful dogs,27 birds in an Aviary, a Tortoise, an Aquarium and so many original art pieces it is unbelievable. My breakfast lasted till 12 noon. We discussed everything Aviation as he is a panelist at #accraweizo.

“On a guided tour of his house I met the genius an Artist who carves out of Naturally shaped wood. He takes a tree and just makes artworks out of the tree while allowing the tree to keep its shape. It’s so unique that you have to be a botanist to even know which tree to choose and what you can carve out of the tree. The artworks also have functional uses. Alex Boateng Igiozee is both Benin and Ga combining the art traditions of legendary Edo artists and Ghanaian masters.

His father gave him a chisel in 1973 passing the craft to him. His grandfather taught his father who taught him and now he is teaching his 7th child. He has 19 children from 6 Women. An Artist indeed. But Alex Nwuba the Businessman is living his dreams in Ghana. He is a trained Architect but is known for Corporate finances. I enjoyed his unique brew of tea so I will visit again. We made tea from Cinnamon, Sour sop leaves and mint. I am still seeing the trees in my mind. Oops”

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