Tourism: How to Zipline across Africa’s deepest Lake in Uganda


It is easy to say that you believe a rope to be strong as long as you a merely using it to carry a box of stones.

Suppose you had to use the same rope to swing your body across a 1000m (about 3300 feet) deep lake located in the African rift valley, or across the Grand Canyon? Wouldn’t you then first question your belief in the rope’s strength?

You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth or falsehood becomes a matter of life and death to you.

This is the adventurous predicament I faced when I visited Africa’s second deepest lake, Lake Bunyonyi, in Western Uganda.

I say adventurous, because it was really a soul-captivating moment to stomach the thought that I was swinging across a 1000m deep lake especially when I reached the middle of the lake.

I say predicament, because, at the time of making the decision to zip-line, it stretched and shook the long-held unwavering belief in myself.

I had to cross the deepest lake in Uganda using a mere wire string! I surrendered my life to the strength of a string. I literally let go and let rope. My faith and belief were tested by a mere rope.

While watching shows about ninja warriors, on television, I used to laugh at the warriors who would slip off their paths until this moment when I encountered, first hand, the relentlessness and nerves required to be a ninja warrior.

Such experiences awaken in you, new dimensions of humility, fearlessness, courage and indomitability. To add such memorable experiences to your life’s portfolio, I encourage you to include Lake Bunyonyi as a destination, on your next travel plan.

By Edrine Habasa

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