Tourism: Foshizi Tours Wins Africa Top 100 Tour Operators Award


Foshizi Tours Limited Nigeria has emerged winner of the African Top 100 Tour Operators award.

Foshizi Tours Ltd is a Travels and Tours Services Management company incorporated in Nigeria, with head office in Abuja. Foshizi Tours is a professional, innovative and customer-centric company, which has been in operation since 2011.

Headed by Ife Olanrewaju, Managing Director, over the years Foshizi Tours Ltd has worked hard to create a niche of excellence and expertise in the travel industry, working with top airlines, hotel chains and car rental companies on a preferred basis to deliver premium service, value and unrivalled customer satisfaction.

We take advantage of technology, coupled with a vibrant and young team of committed personnel and competitive pricing, especially in this fast evolving business terrain, to provide the best personalized service in the industry. For clients who look to make the best of their travel budgets without compromising efficiency and quality service delivery, we are the go-to travel management services company of choice. No wonder our clients keep us close at all times!

We believe in our continent and over time, have through our tours promotions and travel management services, encouraged and promoted travels within our African continent and also attracted travels into the continent. We have a track record of providing unequalled excellent service to clients in the areas of:

•Travel visas • Travel insurance •Cruises and Tours • Ticketing and reservations (with added services) •Hotel booking and reservations (with added services).
We are an accredited member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies (NANTA). Our excellent and outstanding professional service, have earned us access to major international airlines operating in Nigeria coupled with some local airlines.

As one of the nation’s leading providers of travel management services, our clientele base span across all sectors, as well as individuals.
Foshizi Tours can be reached for any of the outlined services, via email at or by calling on +2347035920232, +2347036972285, and +2348037034216. You can also follow Foshizi Tours on Instagram @foshizi_tours, Facebook at Foshizi tours and twitter @foshizitours. Foshizi Tours pledge still remains, to provide our customers with hassle free travels, fun holidays and memorable tours and cruises.

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