Africa: Enrich travelers’ experiences through enhanced technological engagement – travel experts, bloggers

Enrich travelers' experiences through enhanced technological engagement – travel experts, bloggers

Enrich travelers’ experiences through enhanced technological engagement – travel experts, bloggers

By Renn Offor

Travel experts and bloggers have unanimously recommended the need to adopt more technological approach and engagement as the surest ways to reduce challenges experienced by travellers in Africa as well as a very vital tool to equally enrich their travel experiences within Africa.

This was the position of the experts during a panel discourse set up by Afro Tourism at the ongoing this year’s Social Media Week (SMW), holding at the Landmark event center Oniru on the Island, Lagos, Nigeria. The theme was on, ‘Personalizing the African Travellers Experience through Technology”.

Speakers at the panel included Tosin Ajibade of Olorisupergal blog; Chiamaka Ogbuekwe of Social Prefect Tours; Innocent Uchenna of Travelstart, Omolara Adagunodo of Jumia Travels; Mr. Ikechi Uko, Publisher, Consultant and host of Akwaaba African Travel Market and Mr. Bruce Prins of Mp Hotels.

This year’s social media week took a turn to highlight some of the challenges travellers encounter in during their travels within and around Africa with a view to proffering solutions through technology.

Omolara Adagunodo of Jumia Travels made a case for the traveller, that it needful for travel service providers which includes hotels to put up information about certain limitations the traveller is likely to encounter while embarking on the trip or staying in a facility or hotel. ‘The information like there is no regular power supply etc should be put on the website,” she argued.

“Customers are beginning to be wiser and smarter, there tastes are changing,” says Innocent Uchenna of Travelstart as he insisted on the need for hotels and airlines to get listed on GTS as this enables easy and seamless access for customers to their services and at very relative or no additional cost on advertising.

Mr. Ikechi Uko was emphatic in stating that we need to create more platforms that would specifically respond to the needs of Africans, while he also stated that Africans need to focus more on bridging the gap between them and Europe.

‘Africa has the skills to do it better’! He asserted. ‘We are at the same level with Europeans, but they have been smarter’, he concluded.

Mr. Bruce Prins of Mp Hotels insisted on the need for eliminating the various challenges which have continued to mitigate against the provision of quality services as a result of high cost of maintaining hotel and travel facilities, and paying several taxes but with not encouraging patronage, which he referred to , ‘The numbers are not there”.

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