Africa: Cave Containing Bed, Market and Palace Discovered In Cross River State


Oyan Okpon is located in Obubra LGA of Cross River State. Obubra is situated at 6.08° North latitude, 8.33° East longitude and 109 meters elevation above the sea level.

Izakpa Duima meaning mighty stone is estimated to carry over 5000 persons. The stone, according to the village chief that attended to me had ancestors of human with tails.

As the process of time goes on, with the quest of human for more space and freedom, some of the ancestors moved out of the cave to a community now call Ebradu.

At Ebradu, the humans with tails lost their tails after departure from the cave. However, all the tails human lost their tails; this was as a result of involvement in war.

The ancestral residence of Ebradu moved to form other villages such as Ojende & the present Oyan Okpon who are now surrounding villagers of the cave.

The cave is divided into two sections. The Male & the Female cave.

The male cave is a large entrance with a free space in, while the female cave is a close narrow entrance but with unique features of clean, smooth & inner large passage as that of marbles.

The content of the cave includes Bed, Kings Palace, Market place each for male female, very cool stream.

The cave is surrounded by a secondary forest, plants & sweet sound birds that play around the cave.

The question is, How Old is this Cave, What is the Exact Length & width of the Cave, Where did the first descendant of the cave from. Join Us As we Explore Amazing Nature.


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