Africa: Ika the reserved Tribe of Nigeria – Through the eyes of a Palmwine Tapper


Hidden South and the North East of the oil producing corner in Nigeria Delta State lies a tribe yet visited. Ika language is like a sweet pudding drizzled with chocolate and honey – a mystery Unlike the famous tribes of Nigeria – Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba – Ika Tribe is almost unknown and so are hundreds of tribes in Nigeria, […]

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Africa: Nigerian Train Travel Guide, Why You Must Travel By Train In Nigeria This December


Train travel is beginning to boom in spite of the deficiencies of the railway corporation in Nigeria.Nigerian travellers are embracing the little the Railway has to offer and therefore are packaging attractive Tours putting into consideration this means of Transportation. The Abuja – Kaduna Train Route [AK] and vice versa [KA] from Idu stations and Rigasa are impressive, Lagos railway […]

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Africa: After My ‘Nightmare’ Train Journey From Osogbo To Kaduna-The Ride To Abuja Was Fantastic – Train Traveller

rail train

There are so many negative attributes to the Nigerian railway system, in spite of that, there is another that gives it hope. As against the old reviews, I think my trip is about to become a great tourism experience. The Nigerian railway corporation established first in 1898 by the British government as at today October 20th 2017 has few stations […]

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Africa: Hangout With Jubilian Across Nigeria By Train


Jubilian Ngaruwa writer of Hangout with Jubilian on is venturing on an adventure across Nigeria by Train. It is a 20 days Train Trip through 10 cities in Nigeria. The project aims at promoting Rail Transportation system in Nigeria, creating awareness and shining light to this means of transportation that has been ignored by indigenes, tourists and travel enthusiasts. […]

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Street Food Culture In Abeokuta, A Harvest Of African Cuisines


Street food and bukka joints are forever loyal. Singles and young hustlers benefit wholesomely from this. On my trip to Abeokuta, I made it compulsory to experience the best of Abeokuta local food in every possible way. Talking about the best way I could, I realized eating in local restaurants such as bukkas and very healthy street foods is the […]

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Accra Weizo Famtrip 2017: The Fun, the Glee and everything in between


Accra Weizo famtrip came with so much fun, the warmth hospitality, meeting people of different cultural backgrounds and language, I expected a lot from the destination and I got a lot! The delicious breakfast at Ridge Royal Hotel, the welcome received with a coconut drink and a locally made Ice Bontwe, the snaps, flashes and pictures, the dance and traditional […]

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Africa: Tourism Experts, NATOP On Tour Of Epe Historical Sites


I had a conversation with a friend about African epic storytelling as regards tourism, what it would be in the next decade, would the world be opportune to have as Traditional Tour Guides someone with a deep knowledge and experience of unforgettable historical sites? This was a conversation fueled by hours of Intense Tour Organised by Nigerian Association of Tour […]

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Africa: More To The Single Story About Fela Anikulapo Kuti – My Adventure To Kalakuta Museum


I am beginning this story singing ‘’Lady’’ by the Afrobeat Legend, a song I personally call my ‘sweet cherry wine.’ ‘’Lady’’ in the Shakara Album of Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti released in 1972 is untainted, ever green especially to those with the knowledge of the value of such music. I can say my visit to Kalakuta museum was enthralled by […]

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