Africa: American Woman stung by wasps to death in Uganda while on a Tourism Vacation


Gloria White, 65, an attorney from Edmond, was traveling with her husband, veterinarian Gary White in Uganda. The couple was traveling to observe gorillas in their natural habitat; Gary White has spent many years studying primates, KOCO reported.

While the Whites were on a guided tour, a wasp nest was disturbed. Gloria White was stung “hundreds of times” and died within minutes, KOCO reported.

In a statement released by White’s family, Gloria was described as “an amazing woman with an adventurous spirit.”

“She loved to travel and felt strongly that experiencing new cultures made you a better ‘citizen of the world,’” the statement read.

White had a goal of traveling to all seven continents, her family said. Africa was the sixth continent she has visited.

The family said any donations in Gloria’s memory may be sent to Sister Rosemary’s Sewing Hope Foundation, which helps women and children in Africa who have been victimized.

By: Bob D’Angelo

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