Africa: I can never seduce anyone’s boyfriend –Beverly Naya

I can never seduce anyone’s boyfriend –Beverly Naya

Ebony-hued actor, Beverly Naya, has warmed her way almost seamlessly into the hearts of many movie buffs across the nook and cranny of Ghana and Nigeria. In this interview with LANRE ODUKOYA, the sensational thespian speaks about her recent works, spirituality and what she’d never do to get a man.

What was the experience like being on the cast of the much talked about movie, The Wedding Party?
It was amazing. I think it was such an enjoyable experience because, as you can see, we’ve got an amazing cast, fantastic actors; the crew was amazing, the production houses involved were phenomenal as well as the director. So, I feel like all together, we produced a fantastic film. For me, the experience was just wonderful because there was a lot of unity on set which ensured that we got through successfully. It’s one of those films I’m truly proud of. I’m very excited about its release. But I assure you that it’s definitely an amazing film.

What attracted you to the script?
I think the story and what it deals with attracted me. First of all, it’s hilarious, but then it deals with weddings in Nigeria, specifically, Lagos and we know how our weddings are in Lagos. They are lavish, they are loud, they are flamboyant, so I could picture where they were going while reading the script and the comedy was just too exciting. I think those were definitely what drew me to the script.

You played the villain in the Arbitration, was that deliberate?
It’s definitely not deliberate. This is how it works. You have films that you shoot and definitely some of them come out before others. I’m definitely not about playing the villain all the time. But then, the Arbitration just happened to come out a few months after we shot it. And the Wedding Party was shot last July. I have a ton of films that are coming out soon and you’ll definitely see a variety.

You’ve been in and out of cinemas a lot lately…
That’s your observation which is good. I’m glad I have been. That means there is consistency there. I still have other films coming out too, so I’m really excited. But the Wedding Party, I think that’s the one we are really excited about right now because it’s definitely a really big film.

To what do you think you owe these accomplishments?
It’s just God. It’s only God. I mean I’m the type of person that believes that everything is possible with God and before I take on anything, I just wait for him to answer me. By that I mean, I wait to know that God’s in my path. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. If it doesn’t, I don’t really get upset because I feel like something better is happening. That’s basically my motto. That’s how I live my life. So, I think that’s what’s been working for me. I’m on my path.

How spiritual are you?
I would like to think I’m very spiritual. I’m still working on my journey. But I would like to think that I have a very good relationship with God. I pray about everything, I pray about every decision. I try not to take things into my own hands because I think that’s the beginning of a downfall. So, the fact that I am where I am today is definitely by God’s grace. I give Him the glory. I don’t claim any of it, to be honest.

Is your role in The Arbitration similar to your real person?
In my very honest opinion, I don’t think I’m like that at all. I can’t go and seduce a man who’s going to get married just because I feel I can. I can’t do that. I feel like she’s extremely sassy and she’s in your face. I’m very reserved. I don’t just walk into a room and announce my presence. That’s not me.

So you’ve never snatched any girl’s boyfriend?
No, not at all! I’m as calm as a dove. You know what, I avoid situations like that. So, I don’t think we are similar. I do feel like she’s a woman. I don’t go around wanting to be hated and I think ‘Rosy’ (the girl in the movie) has no problem with being hated by the world. So, we are not similar in that regard.

How would you say you fared last year?
The year was such an amazing one for me, for my brand and for my acting career. I’ve done some amazing things. I’ve been in some amazing films and I’ve collaborated with amazing brands. So, I feel it has been a great year for me. And oddly enough, it’s the year that I’ve worked less because I decided to spend some more time thinking and understanding what I want and how I want to be projected and it paid off. I think it paid of tremendously.

Looking back at the year, is there any part you’ll like to replay and then change some scenes?
Frankly speaking, there’s none at all. Like I said, my strategy has been let go, let God take charge. I’ve done that the entire year and it has been my best year.


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