TEAM AFRICA Guidelines for New members

Finally the long awaited guidelines for membership of the New pan African travel association TeamAfrica has been released by one of the promoters Mr. Ikechi Uko.
Mr. Uko said in a press release from Lagos that the group will start registering New members on the website by the end of March but now all new members have to be recommended by the any of the 5 founding members.” TeamAfrica is open to anyone who meets the criteria outlined in the guidelines.” he further said.
Mr. Uko also said that the 21wonders of Africa which is the flagship project of the group will be launched immediately after registering New members. He explained  that the delay in the takeoff  of the project is because of legal issues that needed to be sorted before takeoff. People wanting to join before the 30th of March should contact Ikechi Uko, Sandra Idossou,Denis Gathanju,Wolfgang Thome,or Carmen Nigibira to recommend them. After the 30th of March they can register on the TeamAfrica website.  The guidelines  are listed below

Team Africa
Motto: Africans for Africa
Aim: Promote travel within Africa by Africans
Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria

Founding Members: Sandra Idossou, Denis Gathanju, Wolfgang Thome, Carmen Nigibira,    Ikechi Uko
(1) Logo Colors: Yellow,   Green – Wildlife,  Black – Africa,   Orange – Sun

(2) Objectives:
a.   Promote Africa as a desirable destination to Africans.
b.   Grow trade, travel and tourism within Africa.
c.   Improve economic wellbeing of Africans through tourism & travel.
d.   Grow network & linkage between Africans.
e.   Build a continent wide partnership of Africans interested in Africa.
f.    Network with Africans in diaspora as a way of growing travel within Africa.
g.   Work with any organization or persons with similar objectives to grow intra-African trade, travel & tourism.
h.     Provide a platform for Africans to relate and interact with one another.
Team Africa Logo
(3) Short term and long time goals
a.   Search & promote the 21 wonders of Africa
b.   Promote Africa open skies
c.   Promote the project for a visa less Africa for Africans –  the African passport
d.   Promote African events within African
e.   Get at least 10million Africans to travel within Africa in 3years time

(4) Derivables
a.   Get 10million intra Africa visitors in 3years
b.   Grow GDP through travel & tourism
c.   Grow profit of African Airlines and Hotels
d.   Grow the value and equity of African events
e.   Grow intra-African trade
f.    Build a more united and peaceful continent

(5) Structure
TeamAfrica is a business group while wonders of Africa is one of the projects of TeamAfrica.
It will have Board of directors who will appoint regional directors for a 2years tenure. After 2years, they get elected by country representatives. Country Reps are appointed for 2years and after 2years they get elected by members. Patrons Board – 10 Persons of influence. Tenure = 3years appointed by Board of directors, made of eminent persons

(6)    Criteria for membership of Team Africa
a.   Must love and promote Africa
b.   Open to all persons, corporate etc. interested in promoting Africa as a destination
c.   Must have been involved in promoting Africa with evidence for at least 3years
d.    Must have a company involved in promoting Africa
e.    Must have ability to promote Africa
f.     Nominated by at least 2 members
g.     Must pay registration fee

(7) Benefits of Members
a.    Continent wide membership & partnership
b.    First choice of partnership & business by members,
c.    Website listing, ID card & plaque
d.     Listed in the monthly newsletter for members.

(8) Membership Hierarchy and Benefits
(A)  CORPORATE; $2,500 a year
i.     Use of Logo on Company Letterheads, Cards for a year.
ii.     Listing in Publication.
iii.    Partnership & Peer Connection.
iv.    Promote one event free in a year

(B) Partner  ($25,000) a year.
i.    Use of Logo on Cards, Letterheads, and on Adverts.
ii.    Listing in Publications.
iii.   Free Distribution of Press  Releases  to members. Use of press  releases on                                                                   TeamAfrica  Website.
iv.   Network and first Option to Members.
v.    Banner adverts on website and adverts on all communication material in               print and  online.

(C) Africa Member   ($300)
i.    Joins at the Continental level
ii.   Relates at the Continental level
iii.  Listed on Cards, website, and Journals.
iv.  First choice of partnership

(D) Associates & Clubs   ($1000); Open to Associations, Clubs and Groups.
i.  Listing on Website
ii. Networking opportunities.

NB. Members of Associated Clubs can register for $100 each and become Africa Members.
E) Diaspora Member          ($350); Based outside Africa, but meets the Criteria.
F) Media  Member          ($100);  Individual Membership of press Corp.
G) Students Members        ($100)

(9) First Meeting in 2017
i.    To be hosted by countries.
ii.    2day event with destination experience
iii.   Speakers etc

(10) Plans for 2016 – 2018
i.       Concentrate on 21 wonders of Africa while growing membership
ii.     Fix first AGM in 2017
iii.    Meet at indaba
iv.    Kwita Izina
v.     Akwaaba
vi.     Sanganai
vii.     Mkte

(A)  21 Wonders of Africa
i.   Between January & April
ii.   Take nominations from the public via website
iii.  Ask each country to nominate 10 sites & 3 events for voting

(B).   Events
Approved events should Register for $1000 & host 5 members full board

(C)   Produce
Africa Calender of events – in 2017

(D)    Produce Publications
i.    Beaches of Africa
ii.   Kingdoms in Africa
iii.   Ethnic groups in Africa
iv.   Website
v.    Africa Encyclopedia
vi.    Africa Awards in partnership with atqnews

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  • Israel Obi

    Good day. Sir am really happy for this development going on in africa I was. In akwaaba event that just ended and. Am really impress with the event and am showing my interest to be a member ready to make africa. A better place to be

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