Aviation: We’ve Attained 80% Of Our Vision 2025 – Ethiopian Airlines’ Boss

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Ethiopian Airline said that it has achieved at least 80 per cent of its 2025 vision, seven years before the set date.

Mr. Esayas Wolde Mariam Hailu the Managing Director, Ethiopian Airlines International Operations made the statement recently at the airline’s headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

He said that this was made possible following the clear strategy and marching order put in place by the management of the airline.

Haliu also said that the airline has the human and technical resources to ensure implementation of all its programmes, assuring that the airline would surpass the target set for itself.

“The number one contribution for the success and attainment of our goals and even exceeding it is having a clear strategy and a clear marching order that we have put in place over the years.

“What we want to do tomorrow, we start the planning today and also, infrastructure, fleet planning, human resources management, system and procedures. Whatever our plans might be for tomorrow, we do them today.

“The system and procedures indicate that we have clear and clean procedures for everything to reach the Vision: 2025. Also, on fleet planning, we have been planning our fleet according to our vision by negotiating with aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus and bringing the right equipment to all the destinations we operate into”, he said.

On its cargo facilities that have the capacity for about one million tonnes annually, Haliu said that the management was futuristic.

He explained that Africa had several resources like fresh produce and other non-perishable produce to export to the rest of the world, stressing that with such facilities in place, the continent would be handling most of its exports.

He said the aim of the management was to make Ethiopia a regional distribution hub in Africa to the rest of the world, stressing that it also intended to make Africa’s produce to the rest of the world.

“If we talk about fruits from Nigeria for instance, we are ready to carry such fruits to any part of the world. Also, Africa imports a lot of technological equipment like telephones, computer accessories, vehicle parts and others.

“So, for those ones, we are trying to attract a lot of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) like LG, Samsung and the rest to have their regional logistics hub in Ethiopia because the placement also attracts them to come here and we also have the largest African networks, operating into more than 55 destinations across the continent alone and ferrying cargo and other equipment to several cities.”

Source: independent.ng

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