Tourism: We Are Here At Akwaaba To Improve The Visitations Between Dubai And Nigeria


Gorgeous and graceful Stella Obinwa is the Director, International Operations at Dubai Tourism Board. With sixteen organizations from Dubai at this year’s just concluded AKWAABA: the African Travel Market, it was quite a full house with the others countries participating.

Stella and her team from Dubai had a lot to showcase to Nigerians at AKWAABA 2018. From the hotel with the tallest building to the most luxurious and affordable, and even more! She also told us why the Dubai Tourism Board was in Nigeria, and what AKWAABA meant to her visiting team.

From the look of it, you have great hotels in Dubai, what are these hotels doing in AKWAABA?

Well, we do not only have hotels here, we also have hotel destination management companies, we also have Dubai care authority and we have one of our medical retreat services here. We have all come here to mingle with the travel trade in Nigeria, in order to improve the visitations between our two countries which have grown in recent times.

Nigerians have increased traffic to Dubai in recent years. What is the reception out there like?

The reception is very good. And Dubai is a tourism destination which has been built to attract and provide tourist with everything tourists might need from shopping to great hotels to cuisines and great attractions. And the people love Nigerians so that is the reason why we came to AKWAABA so that we can be more familiar with Nigerian cuisines and so on.

So, for AKWAABA 2018, how many organizations are from Dubai?

We came with 16 organizations from Dubai.

What has been the feel for you at AKWAABA so far?

Its been great; this is the first day which normally is a half day, and the traffic has been immense, my colleagues are meeting a lot of people and making lots of new relationships. So we are really happy to be here.

By Paul Ukpabio

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