Walls of Lagos-Maroccaine Restaurant

“Maroccaine explores designs that give personality ideas. “
Of all dining and hospitality destinations in Lagos, Maroccaine design and décor is exceptional for several reasons. The restaurant and lounge is set in a serene and comfortable location in the suburb area of Victoria Island surrounded by trees and all beauties nature has to offer.
Maroccaine has a friendly outside seating area, a perfect wall painting decorated with several accessories and artistic bottles.










The main décor attraction at Maroccaine restaurant exterior is the WC Champaign ice bucket!

According to Samuel Adegbeye the manager of the restaurant “The concept is letting you know that a commonly used facility can be alternated and that is how the creativity started. People seeing it for the first time are usually scared of drinking from it. “

It is interesting to also realize that the WC champagne bucket freezes and cools like a normal fridge when plugged in at night.





Maroccaine design and décor is unique and spectacular, the wall decorations and the use of accessories are thrilling and creatively out of this world.
“Our décor and artworks gives different people different memories, when a person of a particular profession sits around a side in our restaurant, our artworks renew their minds about their profession or whatever they have done in the past“ the Manager said.










Maroccaine management having the thoughts of satisfy every incoming guest has an art work each guest gets familiar or acquainted with either through their profession or hobby.









cin-1During my destination to this restaurant, I discovered several art works that represent people of all works of life with no exceptions of Musicians, Cowboys, Engineers, Footballers and Filmmakers, how were they represented? See this!

“The drum decorations on the wall dsc_0073represent different African beats, for someone into afro beats they see this and say whoa! I like this, some even want to play even as it is hanging high on the wall.“

They are also several African artworks on the other sessions of the restaurants and Samuel Adegbeye, the restaurant Manager described the artworks as the representation of African heritage, “ We are truly Africans and we have to promote things that has to do with our heritage. “

The artwork was gracefully placed on the first session of the restaurant just after the entrance.


dsc_0045The VIP session has the exact design every other part of the restaurant with a little twist. The VIP session of the restaurant has designs representing travelers, footballers and people of different works of life.

“In this session we have FC Barcelona, Chelsea and all football clubs, and this design you are seeing on the wall here gives a traveler insights. Our design gives different personality ideas. “

mecHowever, the design concept of maroccaine is to connect with clients of all works.
“ We appreciate different professions that our clients are into and we do our best to represent each of those professions in form of designs. “ The manager said.

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