Walls of Lagos – Pattaya Thai Restaurant

Walls of Lagos – Pattaya Thai Restaurant

Pattaya Restaurant thrills guests with historical Thai artifacts

There is more to fine dining in the world than meets the eyes. Great cuisine makes the list but designs and décor definitely has the charms to draw every guest closer.

The historical artifacts displayed at Pattaya Thai restaurant has an allure of an enviable motif judging from the walls of the restaurant. No doubt, every guest at the restaurant wouldn’t mistake Pattaya as that of another rather than Thai.

walls-of-lagos-restaurant-6The restaurant painted with a friendly light brown, an interior sparkling white color and a pleasant atmosphere gives every guest a Thai homely feel.

Stepping into the dining area, the first design and artwork that comes to sight is the decoration of Budha which is the Thai God!

According to Julius Oko the Restaurant Manager, “The artwork represents a Thai Museum for the Thai people in Lagos. So the artwork is a decoration to beautify the area where the Buddha is kept. “

walls-of-lagos-restaurant-2The primary inspiration of the artworks and designs of Pattaya is Thai culture and lifestyle. On the walls of the restaurant are displayed paintings representing Thai culture, mode of worship and dressing. Most artworks and décor tells a story of the Thai people, traditional dancers showcasing a Thai culture and importantly a view of the ordinary, a typical and a wealthy Thai man.

“Pattaya Thai restaurant takes the culture of the Thai people into the restaurant so that when you are in this restaurant, you feel you are in a Thai environment.“ The manager said.

walls-of-lagos-restaurant-3Furthermore, they were framed vegetable artworks placed at several locations on the walls of the restaurant which according to the manager of the restaurant shows that Pattaya meals are prepared with a combination of fresh ingredients.

“They are recipes that Thai people use; it shows you that everything that you take from a Thai restaurant is a fresh ingredient like the vegetable are freshly made. The combination of ginger and garlic are medicinal and that is why when you eat a Thai food it is different from every other food, the combination of those are natural and cleanse the body from all illnesses.“

walls-of-lagos-restaurant-7In Thai, Lemon grass is called Ta-Khrai.

The signature artwork which is the center of attraction at the restaurant is a display of an impeccable handmade painting

According to the manager the painting is a combination of all things a bar is made of.
“When you are on this side of the restaurant, tells this area is a bar area, and what do you find in a bar? Displays of wine which is meant to be used, the artwork is self-educating, and it is a beautification of our environment. “

walls-of-lagos-restaurant-4Finally, the design and décor concept of Pattaya Thai restaurant is creating a good family dining for all lovers of Thai Food and creating a home for all Thai people in Lagos.

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